So… I dropped all my projects, except for one


It’s been a long time coming, that’s the best way to begin this small article, I mean paragraph. If you didn’t know, I love working on many projects simultaneously (I even wrote an article on how to do it). Working on multiple projects feels like I am skiing in an exciting project world (whatever that means). Problem is, as you may already know, it makes it harder and slower to actually accomplish your goals because there is only so much time in a day.

So after having a mastermind session with my buddy Mr. Lopez, I came to the conclusion that all my projects will be dropped.

Drops mic, picks it back up.

I will continue with one project and the rest will be put on hold until I finish it. The project I originally chose was the graphic design book I am almost finished with, however, two weeks in and I changed it to continue my code learning. On my downtime, occasionally I will, as a hobby (that is what I am telling myself), continue my other projects but only if it is downtime.


Update 10/5/18

I’m up to my old tricks again by juggling multiple projects and tapping random old ones or new ones, from time to time.