Born in the Grand City of New York from Dominican Parents.

I am a right-hander who always thought I should be able to use my left hand just as well, so I trained my left hand to do almost everything the right could do.

Many centuries ago, When I was in college, I did not know what major to choose. One day I looked at the millions of stickers that covered my room and realized that maybe, just maybe, it was graphic design.

I got hit by a car in the Dominican Republic when I was about 10 or 11.

I worked in the Art department at City College.

I tried to take a break after college and got called for a job immediately after I graduated, in the actual industry I studied for (very rare), but I was not too happy, I wanted the breather aka the vacation yet I took the job instead.

6 Years later I parted with the company and took a beautiful vacation.

I am a pretty good chef.

I once worked for a company that made me (and my colleagues) take a photo with an animal mask for the “about us” page. I pray the internet never finds that photo.

when I was a child I wanted to be a veterinarian.

I will continue to update this list once I get some more sleep. #parentlife

Check the picture below on how I was trying to pose like if I had a $500 Million dollar investment.