Johnny Rose has done videos for superstars like Urban latin artist Farruko, Cardi B and more. But even better, he did one for a song he really liked by K-Hyphen and me.

It was a great experience, at the time I was working on videos myself so I knew how videos were done or I thought I knew because in those days I knew it all. Yet Johny brought a professionalism that I was unfamiliar with at the time, he was already at the next level videography. Til this day we are friends and I’m always happy to see how successful he has gotten when it comes to video.

The best part of this whole experience for me was the fact that my grandmother and some of my uncles participated in the song making the song’s content extremely authentic. It was a direct reflection of the song’s poetic nature.

“Johny Rose brought that authenticity to reality, this takes a keen eye and a great strategy and he pulled it off lovely.”

Check the video out for yourself. FYI at the time, I was not a vegan, and I’m still not a vegan lol.