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I never liked coding but after making the decision on learning the swift program, created by the team at Apple, I like it more and more. And more and more and more and more. I am so happy I decided to commit myself to learning code, specifically swift, and then python, which ultimately will lead to tensor flow. As I continue to practice swift syntax its exciting to see when I actually start understanding some of these coding concepts.

After combing the internet for the last 45 years to find the best way to learn this difficult skill, I found one youtuber who led me to a great tutorial site, I had previously discovered on my own but ignored, and rediscovered it thanks to the youtuber and boy am I happy!

Between parenting and working it has certainly been a challenge especially due to the fact that coding is like math, I have to do it every day or I will never get it. I even started on the popular coding challenge #100daysofcode. Anyways, I am hungry and I have to eat and then practice writing some code!!