Life is about experiences and for a good part of it, you don’t choose them. It is like one big school where you learn many lessons, class after class, year in and year out, you always learn something new. The first few years of your life you don’t have an option to what your lessons will be as everything is decided and provided for you. While most life lessons are learned through trial and error and some are learned from watching others, one thing is certain, we often go into these life classes without really knowing what the lessons will actually be.  Most of the time we don’t even think about the lessons when experiencing life, until later on. I have learned that you can choose your class in life but you can’t always choose the lesson.

I have a friend named Dakota who has been postponing writing, for a long time, and recently she told me she was grateful for it because of the many lessons that she needed to learn in order to get to this point in her life now. She told me everything she has learned has given her a better voice to write. I agreed but later on, I started thinking about a few possibilities like what if she would have been writing all these years, by now she would have made many mistakes and have learned a lot more. Her ideas and voice might have grown and changed naturally but so what at least she learned and would have gotten experience in the field of writing.  That is why I say “You choose your life lessons” at least to a certain extent because there are definitely some lessons beyond your control.

So if you want to choose you life lessons it is simple, choose what you want to learn about and jump right into it. Once you choose your class then you have chosen your lesson. However there is a disclaimer, within the lessons, you will learn about a lot of different things not only a specific subject. Tha is how life works, I didn’t make these rules, so pick wisely and start learning it’s a win-win.