I don’t recommend this particular strategy to anyone. Getting involved in so many different projects makes you totally insane and all over the place. Heavy drawbacks like lack of focus and forgetfulness and millions of other things. But when you start seeing results and all these projects start blossoming and you can see the direct results of your hard hustle, it can be quite gratifying I must admit.

I have an easy system I follow. Once I get started on a project I go as hard as I could for as many days straight as I could. I actually burn myself out and never want to see the project again even if it is halfway. Once I get home and realize that I don’t want to look at the project, I turn my attention to another pending project I have in the works. One that I had started exactly the same way. I would then take a few days to work on that because the motivation is there. In order for me to make these processes exciting, I maintain a variety of projects in my arsenal.

The key here is having a balance. I was stupid enough to try to do this with approximately ten projects, I burned myself out and accomplished nothing. Once I dropped many projects off my plate and stood with two main projects and two side ones. This balance has been working out for me just fine because I have my focused split between my two babies. And when I’m feeling a little burned out from those I start to tackle one of my side projects. I realize that this may sound crazy to many, especially since according to a large scope of entrepreneurs in the industry emphasize focusing on one project. It is the way to success. I don’t disagree at all.

The difference is perspective. Though I want to complete my projects, excel in my business ventures and reach new heights through engineered creativity, I also truly believe in enjoying the journey while doing all this. Metaphorically speaking, I am not waiting to get to the finish line to look at the view and celebrate, I enjoy looking at the scenery while I run and sometimes stop to embrace it all. This is what life is about and true success means to me.