Recently I have been bombarded with spreadsheets at work and I truly don’t mind but, yes, there is a but, it can get be quite boring compared to a graphics program. I guess being a designer creates some habits, like, being accustomed to better interfaces and some cool ass tools. However, yes there is a “however”, spreadsheets are necessary, so effing necessary! And now I am truly realizing it because I am being paid to. And that feels great.

At work, we use Excel however in my own spare time I am using google spreadsheets since I can open it up on my computer or phone pretty easily. It feels good seeing all the stats of the hard work that I have been doing so neatly placed on an excel sheet, what doesn’t feel good is doing the actual work. Maybe I am not that used to it and deep inside I feel that I could be using my time for things that I am better at.