Many years ago I started writing rhymes in Spanish as a hobby. I never knew it would transform my life and open up so many doors and be able to connect with so many people. I started writing lyrics because I simply wanted to express myself through an artform I knew very well at the time, music. I ended up getting recruited to a legendary Latin Hip Hop group called Tigueraje 809 which essentially changed the Latin urban landscape forever, by influencing the following generation of rappers and producers across the cities, the Caribbean islands (DR, PR), and Europe. Years later the journey was over and every artist from the group went their separate way. Some members thrived musically, some got locked up and some got involved in other industries. As for me, I found my love for entrepreneurship and the responsibilities of parenting.

My career in music involved over a handful of cd’s as part of my personal discography and multiple CDs with the group. As of recent, there have been rumors of a documentary but nothing confirmed yet. I have not done music in approximately 4 years, but I still write here and there. Fans write to me demanding new music, but truthfully, music takes a lot of effort and without a budget and some investment money to promote and give you good exposure, you are looking at a potential loss as far as ROI is concerned. The upside, however, is the different doors it may open if the music content is well perceived.

These are my feelings on the subject now, I’m sure I’ll have to add and update this post later.