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Disney on Ice Review.

Beauty and Beast

I recently took my 2 daughters to the Disney on Ice “Dare to Dream” spectacle in Brooklyn, over at the Barkley Center. Honestly, I would have never taken my kids there because it wasn’t something that was on my parent radar but a connect got me some tickets and boom we were there.

My daughters loved it, especially the Frozen and Moana part. I tip my hat of to the ice skaters for doing a fabulous job overall.  My only complaint is the merchandise and food are pretty pricey but I was not expecting anything less. With huge brand names and spectacles, you have to pay for these experiences and sometimes they are worth it.

If you are a parent and you want to bring your daughter to this spectacle you should definitely do it. Before you do it, try to eat some food and buy the light toys outside of the arena, hustle them for a $5 item. Go and have a good time and expect to pay like $12 for the popcorn.

This is the part where I take off, happy parenting!