`All my life I have studied art. I have dealt with so many different art mediums it feels like I have done a world tour of art. But as of recently I have found a new gain love for math, computer science, biology, physics, energy, construction, astronomy, and technology, oh and DNA.           5iu98y7t-09567890-=l;p,mn

I don’t regret not learning enough on these math subjects because I narrowed my concentration on art and design and it made me better than the average. Basically a specialist. But of course, when you are good at one thing, it takes away from another but its never too late to learn and already have decided that the next 10 years of my life I will make sure my studies consist of technology, code, biology, and energy. I probably will become an engineer without the degree and that is ok, I am not looking for titles. I am looking to do what I love the most and that is learning.

I almost forgot chemistry, yes chemistry. All this is very appealing and I want to learn it all from scratch. I also need to look into laboratories. Either how to make one or getting space somewhere where I can rent it and experiment. I need to know more about CRISPR and gene editing. The fact that humans have come so far in science sometimes leaves me quite astonished, even by the simplest thing. Let’s get back to the physics and the complicated math. Learning advance math can help revolutionize the world with any new findings.