1. Wake up early like at 5 am. if you can’t make 5 well at least try 6 am.

2. Stretch. If you don’t know any stretches, then run a search for some running stretches, stretch and then…

3. Run to the park, or somewhere.

4. Listen to a podcast while heading there, something productive, that will get you learning early in the day, see it as a lesson that will add value to your life.

4. Do Pushups. Get some testosterone in the mix. My grandfather always said that testosterone goes hand in hand with willpower. Ok he didn’t say that but it feels like it when you high of the exercise adrenaline.

5. Drink water. Lots of it. Flush out the pipes as often as you can, it’s common sense we should not have to discuss this.

6. Disconnect, Breathe.

7. Eat something and head out. Stay productive.