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I was looking to promote some of my e-commerce products through some of my social media channels, specifically Twitter. A few years ago I tried advertising on Twitter and got pretty discouraged when I did not get any traction. I left the platform alone and as of recently I re-discovered it and wanted to try to advertise again. As I started to dig in I automatically liked some of the features.

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Maybe I was clueless when I first started using twitter to advertise. I don’t recall all the analytics tool they currently have and they certainly help you track your stats. The actual advertising on the platform I don’t like too much. Why? I don’t like their interface that is why. I don’t want to compare it to the Facebook advertising user experience but I have to because Facebook makes it so much easier. This will not be a lengthy article on why one platform is better than the other. This silly little article happens to be about twitter’s analytical tools which I find fascinating for some peculiar reason.

Some of the twitter tools I believe hold good value for tracking your success across their platform.